In Memoriam CardPay tribute to the memory of a friend or loved one by making an in memoriam donation to the Copernicus Lodge Foundation. We’ll send their family a beautiful card to let them know a donation has been made in their memory.

In memoriam cards available at:

  • Cardinal Funeral Home – Annette Chapel

  • Cardinal Funeral Home – Bathurst Chapel

  • Lynett Funeral Home

  • Ridley Funeral Home

  • Turner & Porter – Butler Chapel

  • Turner & Porter – Neweduk-Erin Mills Chapel

  • Turner & Porter – Peel Chapel

  • Turner & Porter – Yorke Chapel

  • Copernicus Lodge

  • Copernicus Lodge Foundation

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2016 In Memoriam Donations

Neil Cadigan
Stephen Cole
Ronald Dash Dashkevich
James Davidson
Kenneth Elaschuk
Liz Everitt
Michalina Gadzala
Halina Garczynski
Maria Gierlak
Gladys Grys
Don and Zsuzsanna Kettlewell
Stella Kita
Grazyna Kulig
Stella Kwiatkowski
Ann Mathews
Janina Nydza
Franciczek Piersiak
Helen Pawlowski
Stan Pilat
Chester Smith
Josephine Szabo
Randall Taylor
Ed Uba
Ryszard Urbanczyk
Teresa Wisniowski

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