Family Members,

In these challenging times as we each do what we can to keep everyone safe,

Copernicus Lodge needs YOUR HELP.

The added costs of surgical masks, other essential Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and increased cleaning and sterilization are putting a strain on our limited resources.

To do our part, to help Copernicus, continue to provide a safe place for our loved ones to live, please consider making a donation to the Copernicus Lodge Foundation.  As you know, with the help of sewers within our community, we’re making reusable cotton face masks for your Mom, Dad, Babcia, Grandparent, Family member as a precautionary measure to minimize the risk of infection among our residents and staff.  We will also be making these cotton face masks for our staff so that they can use them while taking public transit as they come/go to work.  All sewers are volunteers who are dedicating their time and energy making these masks for your family member to keep them safe.

Donated funds will go towards the purchase of surgical masks, other protective gear for staff and residents as well as towards the purchase of fabric and notions.

Some of our Family Council family members have already provided us with generous donations.  Now is your chance to help.

Please consider what the safety and security of your family is worth to you and make a donation to support Copernicus Lodge to help fight COVID-19.

Please donate now.

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